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What is NeturalMath? In the simplest possible terms, NeturalMath is a programming language designed to solve complex mathematical problems in a "common sense" sort of syntax. The structure of NeturalMath is based on the way that most people type math equations. It forgoes the problems inherent in many programming languages which cause them to be cumbersome to work with, or make them hard to understand by untrained users. NeturalMath is designed to put the capability to create complex computer algorithms in the hands of users with basic computer skills. It is also designed to be a powerful tool for more skilled programmers to quickly express complex calculations and define elaborate mathematical scenerios.

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For example, most people would express an algebraic formula for an equation like such:
x  = 2 + 2

This is the way that most programming languages handle simple math formulas, however, many programming would require that you first defined the value x as some data type.

For example, in C, C++, C# 1.0-3.0, Java and many other programming languages this would be:
double x = 2 + 2;

and in C# 4.0 and ECMAScript, one can use:
var x = 2 + 2;

NeturalMath avoids this problem by allowing the user to define a value in exactly the same way as the user would type it:
x = 2 + 2

Like many other languages, NeturalMath is largely indifferent to whitespace, such that this:

and this:
x = 2+      2

are exactly the same thing. Like Python, NeturalMath avoids the complexities of many common programming languages that make them difficult for a layperson to understand, such as variable declarations, data types and line terminators. However, Python has other weaknesses that NeturalMath has managed to avoid. This simplicties come at a cost, however. NeturalMath lacks many of the language features common in other languages, and even though NeturalMath is built on top of the .NET Framework, it is unable to tap into many of its full capabilties. In a sense, NeturalMath is a mathematical/ processing domain specific programming language.

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