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NeturalMath Language Definition and Syntax

Declaring Variables

Declaring a new variable in NeturalMath is as simple as introducing the variable name into an equation. The variable may be included as part of an assignment, or as part of an expression. Unlike most programming languages, NeturalMath does not require that a variable be defined before it is used. If a variable is assigned a value the first time it appears within a program, it is known as an explicit variable. If a variable is used within an expression without having first been assigned to a value, it is known as an implicit variable.
x = 10        // Assigning a variable to a value of 10
y = 3 + x     // Assigning a variable to an expression based on x (declared above)
z = a + b    // Declaring the variable z and assigning to an expression containing the implicit variables a and b

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